Blessed are the Poor


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I grew up in a middle class home. We had a large house in the inner west of Sydney, a couple of cars and most of the trimmings. The neighbourhood was very multicultural but none could have been described as poor. Occasionally I would encounter poor people near the train station, but I don’t think I ever spoke to someone who was poor.
My exposure to the poor wasn’t totally absent though. I went to middle class Salvation Army Corps where we talked about the poor and the issue of poverty. We looked at the “Self Denial” promotional material that highlighted the plight of the poor overseas, and once or twice we even visited Salvation Army centres.

None of that prepared me for my first real understanding of the poor when I signed up to be a camp counsellor at a camp for underprivileged children. At this camp, held in the very middle-class Collaroy, I really met, and talked with poor kids. I had visited poor neighbourhoods before, but this was the first time I truly learned what it was to be poor.

The bible considers the way we treat and interact with the poor as the primary concern for the people of God. Over 200 times in the Old Testament we are taught about the poor, and Jesus’ opening line in his famous sermon on the mount is “blessed are you, the poor.” But just how much do we understand about poverty? What does the bible teach us is the root cause and how are we supposed to respond?

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