To Grow Into Emotionally Mature Adults


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Not long after I’d gotten my provisional licence, I was out driving with my brother during a family holiday in Queensland. We’d enjoyed a fun afternoon at a theme park and as we drove back to our hotel, I was pulled over by a police officer who informed me I was driving 10km over the speed limit. The more lenient laws in Queensland for provisional drivers meant I didn’t lose my licence, but the fine really cut into my holiday fund and of course, it definitely wasn’t my fault.

In my mind (and in my pre-prepared speech to my parents that I would deliver upon arrival back at our hotel), I thought the speed limit was 80, even though it was 60, so getting caught for going 70 wasn’t that bad because I was actually going 10kph under the limit I had made up in my head. I was also lost, in an unfamiliar area, and driving an unfamiliar car. Not to mention the police officer was a total jerk! There was no way I was owning that getting that speeding fine was 100% my fault. The reality was, I was typing an address into the GPS, while driving on an unfamiliar highway, paying no attention to the speed limit signs. I was no doubt distracted by my brother, our way-too-loud road trip playlist and the gigantic blue slurpees we’d just picked up from 7/11. I should have been focused because we were in unfamiliar territory, but I wasn’t.

As a 17 year old, it’s probably expected that I’d have the inability to own my mistakes and to blame anyone or anything but myself. But stepping into adulthood, this behaviour would mark me as immature. I wondered this week, as I reflected on the situation, if my reaction would be different now. I’m an adult, but would I take ownership for my poor choices and behaviours, or once again try to blame?

Sadly, many good Christian people have grown chronologically into adulthood, but have failed to grow emotionally and spiritually since first accepting Jesus. They don’t own their mistakes and limitations, they blame other people or things for their issues and they cannot connect what they know to how they live. Unfortunately, the process of growing in these areas is unlike that of physical ageing – it is not inevitable. Growing spiritually and emotionally happens only through disciplined choices to spend time with God, to experience self-reflection and actually allowing God to challenge those parts of our nature that need to be transformed to better reflect his. This type of growth is hard. It hurts. But it also leads us to a full and free life where we can love God and others well.

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