Typewriters; Canadian residential schools; Isy Suttie; Stealthing


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In the digital age, the humble typewriter seems rather quaint. But according to a new exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland, the typewriter is a technology with a key role in the story of female emancipation. The exhibition's principal curator, Alison Taubman, talks to Chloe Tilley about how typewriters provided a key opening into the world of work, propelled women into the public sphere, and played a major role in the fight for women's suffrage. More than 1000 bodies of indigenous children have been found in unmarked graves outside of former residential schools in several parts of Canada over the last few months. Assistant Professor in the History & Classics Department from the University of Alberta tells us about the history of these schools - and the impact they had on the indigenous communities in Canada. And President of the Native Women’s Association of Canada, Lorraine Whitman joins us to talk about the aftermath of these discoveries - and the fight for justice for the many missing and murdered indigenous women across the country. 'Jane is Trying' is the first novel by comedian, writer and actor Isy Suttie. Jane is trying in three senses. She is trying to get pregnant (or she was before her life fell apart and she had to run home to mum and dad), she is trying to deal with her anxiety and she is trying in the sense of being a bit irritating and needy. Isy joins Chloe Tilley to talk about writing a relatable character and how the concept of 'home' shapes the novel. Journalist and the author of Millennial Love, Olivia Petter wrote about being stealth raped, a term used to describe the act of removing a condom without a partner’s consent. Following the article, she was contacted by women telling her they’d also been stealth raped and detailing the impact and trauma they had experienced. Olivia explains why it’s important for women to share their experiences and is joined by lawyer Harriet Johnson.

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