#MeToo in Comedy, Prom Dresses, Crowd Surfing


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The comedians Katherine Ryan and Sara Pascoe have been making headlines in recent weeks following comments they made on Katherine’s new TV show. Both revealed instances when they’ve worked with men they believe to be predatory and despite complaining these men have not been reprimanded. Emma is joined by Kathryn Roberts who quit comedy because of her experiences and also by Chloe Petts who will be performing her show Transience at the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. School proms return this year, but with more and more families feeling the pinch during the cost-of-living crisis, some students are missing out on this milestone event as they can't afford a dress. Across the UK, pop-up shops for preloved dresses are helping relieve the financial burden for disadvantaged teenagers. We speak to two women involved in such intiatives. When Amy Maynard offered to take in a Ukrainian lady called Iryna, she didn’t realise the other struggle Iryna had been dealing with – fertility. Her first round of IVF was successful until she had a stillbirth, and she has one embryo left in Kyiv. Amy has now decided to raise money for Iryna and her husband Sergey, so they can have the chance to have a family of their own. Have you ever tried crowd surfing before? One woman decided she would try her hand at it and won a competition. Amanda Mansell from York has been crowned 'Middle-Aged Crowd Surfing Champion'. She had never done it before but now thinks more women should be doing it. Presenter: Emma Barnett Producer: Emma Pearce

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