Miriam-Teak Lee and Cassidy Janson in &Juliet


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‘& Juliet’ has just opened in London’s West End. It’s a comic, musical reimagining of the events of Shakespeare’s tragic romance ‘Romeo & Juliet’ in which Juliet opts not to take her own life at the end and instead heads off to France on a road trip of self-discovery. Both Miriam-Teak Lee who plays Juliet and Cassidy Janson, who plays Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare’s wife join Andrea Catherwood. A decorated senior police officer who was sent an unsolicited child abuse video by her concerned sister has been convicted and put on a sex offenders register. She said she hadn’t seen the video. The Black Policing Association say that the pursuance of the case, which was at the discretion of the Met Police, shows institutional racism. They join us, along with the Internet Watch Foundation who explain what you should do if you receive unsolicited images or videos of abuse. Sasha Wass QC has been a criminal barrister for nearly 40 years – she’s defended and prosecuted numerous high profile cases such as Rosemary West and Rolf Harris as well as complex fraud, money laundering, murder, and serious sexual misconduct. She co-presents BBC One’s daytime series, ‘Murder, Mystery and My Family’, where she and fellow barrister Jeremy Dein reinvestigate historical cases. The popular series is back for a third time, and there’s also a book to accompany the series. In her new cookbook Wok On, food writer, Ching-He Huang celebrates the versatility of the wok. She joins us in the studio to Cook the Perfect…Five Spice Saucy Stir Fry Chicken. Presenter: Andrea Catherwood Producer: Kirsty Starkey Interviewed Guest: Susie Hargreaves Interviewed Guest: Janet Hills Interviewed Guest: Miriam-Teak Lee Interviewed Guest: Cassidy Janson Photographer: Johan Persson Interviewed Guest: Sasha Wass Interviewed Guest: Ching-He Huang

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