Singer-songwriter Dodie, TikTok and domestic workers in the Middle East


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How domestic workers in the Middle East are using the video sharing app TikTok to raise awareness of abuse. Louise Donovan from the Fuller Project tells us how she found these women and why they are turning to TikTok. Dodie has just released her debut album Build A Problem. At just 26 she has already made a name for herself as a singer and a writer amassing millions of fans through her Youtube Channel with her intimate singing style and honest unflinching videos. She joins Emma to play a song from her new album. Yolk & Aliens is a film project created and developed by four women including actor, Jane Horrocks and her daughter, musician, Molly Vivian. Set within what they call a 'personal memory shop' in central Brighton’s Dukes Lane, as part of this year’s Brighton Festival, it is a highly personal insight into families, love and memories. Several years in the making, the films explore multi-generational relationships between mother and daughter, Jane and Molly and between Jane and her mother, Barbara.

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