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Hi team! Help shape our conversations by responding to these questions. You can answer as few or as many as you’d like:

  • What work decisions do you struggle with? Do you overthink? Stress about making the best choice? Is there a strategy you’ve found useful in making complex decisions? Ever wonder if being a woman influences your decision making?
  • Tell us about a time when a colleague took credit for your idea: What happened? How did it make you feel? Did you speak up about it? And what about when you’ve made it clear that you alone were behind a success: How did you do it? How did taking ownership make you feel? What questions do you have about claiming credit?
  • Do you describe yourself as a perfectionist? If yes, how does that show up in your job? Has that pressure ever gotten in the way of making a decision or finishing a project? If you know how to keep your perfectionism in check, how do you do it? What questions do you have about perfectionism?
  • Tell us about the “office chores” you do: Do they include taking notes? Handling lunch orders? Cleaning out the fridge? How did you wind up with this work? If you’ve been able to stop doing office housework, how did you say no?

Send your responses to Your answers will help us explore women’s experiences at work in the new season. And our producer might write you back to hear more about your story and ask if we can use it on the show.

Thanks for contributing! We’ll be covering a lot more in season two, and we’ll keep asking for your input.

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