Transformational Moves from 3 Corporate Badasses


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Ep #162: Transformational Moves from 3 Corporate Badasses
Being in a community of incredible women leaders who can support you as you pivot, strategize, and figure out “what’s next?” in your career is a total gamechanger. Which is exactly why I invited three of my clients onto this episode of Women Changing Leadership to share how they have grown and shown up powerfully as a leader over the last year. You’ll hear from: Marssie Versola, Head of Global Partner Programs; Zhiyan Xu, Program Manager / IT Operations and Portfolio Management; and Karen Heath, Federal Project Controller, Data & Insights Division. We’re going to dive into the strategies and mindset shifts that are having the biggest impacts on their careers…AND you’re going to receive a deeper understanding of how to apply these insights to your career, too. This is an action-packed conversation with three truly inspiring women leaders, and I can’t wait for you to hear exactly what they have to say.
Join us inside my group coaching intensive, Executive Ahead of Time.

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