Start Balancing For More Happiness & Success with Kristy Dickerson of STARTplanner


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Kristy Dickerson, keynote speaker, businesswoman, and active CEO and co-founder of STARTplanner, has devoted her life to providing hope for individuals who are looking to achieve balance, success, and happiness in their lives. Dickerson is a sought-after keynote speaker thanks to her relatable story, valuable advice, no-excuses attitude, and upbeat personality, which she instills in all aspects of her brands. She believes and preaches that individuals have the ability to do anything they want. Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and among others, she is a powerhouse, showing others how to be productive and make things happen. Kristy is author of Start Balancing, a no-excuses book that gives you practical hacks for productivity, solutions for being efficient, and inspiring and relatable advice for daily application, allowing you to find your version of success.

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