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You are capable of starting anything you want to, sometimes you just need a little push. That push can be from a mentor, friend, advisor, or, well, anyone really! As today’s guest, Valerie Rocio Campbell asks, what’s the worst that can happen?

It’s been one year since Valerie quit her full-time job to start her own business. Fast forward to today, Valerie has a team of 6 women located across the nation working with her to create the content creation business she never knew she wanted. I’m so proud of everything she’s achieved over this first year in business!

When we first started working together, Valerie realized that she didn’t even understand how business finances worked from a start-up perspective. The other important business start-up elements Valerie wants you to know is how essential a thorough and specific contract is. Just like when you’re working for big business, having something in place can be a life and business saver.

Starting your own business is an incredible feeling and you’ll likely feel like you want to work on your business all the time. But there comes a point where you realize you can’t do this anymore. That’s where self-care and time management practices really come into play.

Valerie says you also need to practice business self-care and that sometimes looks like deciding not to work with a client anymore, or knowing when you don’t want to sign someone onto your books. It’s okay to make these decisions, because that’s sometimes what business is, and you will learn to emotionally distance yourself from your clients.

Part of Valerie’s quick business growth came from her cold-pitching potential businesses that she legitimately would love to work with on Instagram. While it’s not a method that everyone feels comfortable with, there’s no denying that it can have some great results. Valerie shares how her life has changed in the last year.

Have you been hesitating to start your own business? Do you have good time management practices? How do you feel about cold-pitches as a business method?

In This Episode:

  • Why you should ask yourself, “what’s the worst that can happen?” when considering starting your own business
  • How important understanding business finance right at the start is
  • Why you need thorough and specific contracts
  • What the relation between time management and self-care is when you own a business
  • How you can be comfortable with deciding not to work with someone
  • Why you need to find a balance with your emotional connection to your clients
  • How cold-pitching can benefit your business
  • How quickly your life can change when you start your own business
  • When you should start hiring your first employees


“Why not now? I always thought of it as a down the line thing, I also didn’t have it down in my mind that I could do it, I just didn’t put it in the timeline. I think a lot of being an entrepreneur is going into it knowing you can literally do anything, you just need to do it.” (14:58)

“You think when you start your own business that you can make your own schedule and that you can go shopping in the middle of the day and that you get to sleep in every day. And you can, absolutely, but it’s also mixing into your personal life now. You have a business that will always have things you can continue to do.” (19:13)

“It’s not salesy to talk about what you do in any way. You’re not holding anybody hostage to buy your service. It’s simply telling people what you do for a living.” (28:49)


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