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Setting boundaries is important for every aspect of your life, including, and maybe especially, your new business. In fact, it’s so essential for your business, that I’d go as far as to say there are five business non-negotiables to protect your sanity!

I’m speaking from personal experience in this episode. Every single one of these non-negotiables has been learned the hard way - from being in the position where I had to! That’s why I’m passing this information to you, so you don’t have to lose your sanity while running your business.

First of all, you need to give yourself days off when you start. It’s easy to want to hustle all the time, but it’s actually counter-productive! Schedule your time off every week and stick to it. You’ll hopefully learn that slowing down will actually help your business speed up.

You also need to set your business hours and stick to them. Start time, finish time, and everything in between. And communicate this to your clients, so they don’t expect a response to their email at 10 pm on a Monday.

Next, you need to set and stick to realistic expectations. This is not only beneficial for you, but for your clients as well. If you’re transparent in how long it takes you to complete your work, and you stick to this, you’ll be much happier in your business.

Similarly, you need to set and stick with your rates. I’ve previously talked about how you should set your rates, but it’s so important that you don’t waver. Of course, there are exceptions, but you need to be clear that these are one-off, special occasions and not to be expected or shared with anyone else.

Are you ready to transform the way you run your business? When’s the last time you had a day off? Do you have set business hours?

In This Episode:

  • Why you need to give yourself days off when you start your own business
  • How you can slow down in order to speed up
  • How to set your perfect business hours and stick to them
  • What happens to your life when you set realistic expectations with yourself and your clients
  • Why you need to stand by your rates
  • When you should get paid in exposure


“When you spend more time picking up the pace and speeding it up, it’s actually counter-productive.” (4:34)

“Honor yourself and your loved ones with your days off as much as you would honor your clients and your meetings that you’ve got on your calendar.” (6:37)

“You can’t please everyone and sometimes you get talked into turning something over before your standard turnover time or even before you’re ready. Maintain your boundaries and stand by your agreed upon commitment. Don’t let a client dictate when you’re going to have your own work completed.” (10:44)


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