097: Weight Discrimination and Disordered Eating


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“I have a body but I am also more than my body and you know, there’s this whole other rich world inside of me called the soul.”

Jodie Gale’s work surrounding bodies and food began long before her training as a soul-centered psychotherapist, counselor and eating disorder therapist. Jodie’s path stems from her own recovery from bulimia, addiction and childhood interpersonal trauma.

These days, Jodie works with women seeking to recover from body image problems, yo-yo dieting, chronic dieting and eating disorders from a soulful and holistic perspective. Jodie holds a BA of Social Work from University of Sydney, an MA in Psychotherapy from Middlesex University, and an Eating Disorder Coach Certification from the Carolyn Costin Insitute. Jodie practices counseling, psychotherapy, clinical supervision and private practice business coaching out of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia and offers sessions via Skype.

This week Jodie and Dr. Viado resume their conversation about disordered eating and recovery specifically through the lens of internal and external weight discrimination. To find more information about Jodie and her work, please see:

https://jodiegale.com/ https://jodiegale.com/soul-sessions/

To find Jodie’s previous episode: https://lourdesviado.com/09-disordered-eating-a-search-for-wholeness-with-jodie-gale/

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