094: Toxic Friendships


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“Our relationships will mimic and reflect the relationship we had with our primary caregivers unless and until we become aware of what we’re doing.” Allison Quadhammer, M.S., D.C. is living a fine life and she has some insight on how you might too. Allison’s exploration of her own chaotic childhood led her to a master's degree in communications (the basis of healthy relationships), a doctorate in chiropractic (the basis of healthy bodies) and advanced training in neurology (the basis of healthy minds). During her journey, she came to understand how our perceptions, influenced by any number of elements, color the way we see the world. Allison believes that in rethinking our distorted perceptions, we may accomplish clarity and attain a fine life. Join us this week as Allison shares her perspectives on a Fine Life, the fallibility of memory, toxic friendships and relationships, and the power of chiropractic work as it relates to working through trauma! To learn more about Allison Quadhamer please visit: https://www.whatafinelife.com/


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