99: Healthcare and Real Estate: Trisha Talbot Provides the Essential Link Between Medical Providers and Commercial Real Estate Investors


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Your host Sharon Lechter, is joined today by real estate professional Trisha Talbot. Trisha is a healthcare real estate adviser to both healthcare providers, as well as investors in the medical real estate space. Her company Doc Properties, provides the essential link between providers and investors looking to get into this niche asset class: income producing medical properties.

Trisha Talbot’s work, apart from being sustainable with great need for development, is mission critical and demand driven. It's not just development for development’s sake, but an essential service that helps people and benefits our society.

If you’re looking to get into real estate investing or expand in this market, don’t miss this episode!

Key Takeaways:

1:34 How Trisha found her way into real estate

3:25 Healthcare real estate in Covid times

7:37 Are there still investing opportunities in the medical real estate niche?

10:20 Demographics support the need for for healthcare facilities

11:47 Trisha Talbot is the founder of Doc Properties

13:04 Trisha connects industry specialists with investors

14:26 Many deals are made without even hitting the market




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