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Forgiveness, grace, and healing. When should we embrace them, how can they help our relationships grow, and why do they sometimes cause continued emotional pain rather than the healing we first think they promise? On this episode of Women of Impact, Host of Love Goals on the OWN Network and therapist, who is simply known as Spirit, joins Lisa Bilyeu to discuss such topics and more as they explore forgiveness, grace, and the power of building scar tissue in a relationship. They discuss how to properly embrace an apology, the power of grace needed in a relationship, the difference between a mistake and a bad choice, why scar tissue is a good thing, how ego is the root cause of judgement, and why you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself because of your past mistakes.

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Forgiveness | Spirit discusses forgiveness and the process of embracing it. [0:19]

Grace | Spirit shares the power of grace in a healthy relationship. [4:53]

Being There | Lisa share the power of the word ‘important’ in her relationship with Tom. [9:29]

Scars | Spirit discusses why you shouldn’t forget, but instead work through it and heal. [11:42]

Needs | Spirit reveals why your best interest can differ from your relationship’s. [13:38]

Judgement | Spirit reveals why ego is the root cause of judgement in a relationship. [16:57]

Your Past | Spirit reveals why you shouldn’t be hard on yourself because of your past. [20:51]

Giving | Spirit reveals why a successful you leads to a successful relationship. [23:45]

3 Tips | Spirit shares three things to do if your relationship is losing its ebb and flow. [26:25]

Follow | Spirit shares where and how you can follow her for more tips and advice. [30:32]


“The key is not to forget but to pay attention to how it makes us feel.” [12:08]

“Your relationship is different from you and your partner." [13:38]

“If I can not judge me, then it’s that much easier for me to not judge you.” [22:50]









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