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Whether it’s for the holidays you celebrate, the time you spend reflecting, or the gifts you exchange out of love or habit-- the year’s end is full of reminders of family. And family is complicated for a lot of us out there, especially when travel is also a big part of our lives.

We know that there are so many feelings and stories out there when it comes to how this community defines family. So we recently asked you all to submit voice memos telling us all about it.

Whether it’s people you grew up with, the chosen family you’ve cultivated over the years, your dog, or something else entirely— we asked: how do you define family? And how does it interact with who you are as someone who likes to hit the road?

In this episode, you’ll hear the voices of:

Nicole Brown: @im_nicolemarie (founder of @womenwhohike)

Kieren Britton: @kierenbritton (founder of @theladyalliance)

Sonya Pevzner and her partner Halcy: @pevzdispenser

Natasha Buffo: @dirtandtears

Kira Marshall: @homeasweroam

Raya Greenbaum: @rayasue

Ashley Smith: @birdstodrink

Sarah Rose Carr: @s.yracha

Amanda Shale: @tidelinetoalpine

Olivia Trim: @Ohtriiimmmm

Sole Sarto: @solesarto

Nichole: @coleyraeh

Kaitlin Musser: @Runawaymusbus

Bonnie Logan: @bon_lass

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