Three Kids and One Big Adventure: Marlene Mali Mish


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Marlene credits her kids for the reason she and her family live on the road. But the adventures of the Mali Mish family wouldn’t be possible without the hands-on approach Marlene takes to building a tight-knit adventure family as they travel the world by camper.

This episode also includes bonus content: an update from Brittany Parker, who we featured in an episode titled “On Letting Go and Surfing Rivers” a few months back during her early stages of recovery from a traumatic brain injury, and learn about where the road has taken her since.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How the Mali Mish family transported their camper van from the US to Europe
  • The story behind why Marlene and her husband, Dan started traveling on the road with their first child
  • The benefits and struggles of traveling with kids
  • How Marlene views self care and dating her husband
  • The way the Mali Mish family got into homeschooling
  • What Marlene does when the kids miss friends and family
  • Advice for moms and moms-to-be wanting to take their kids on the road
  • A special update from Brittany Parker, who was featured on a previous episode

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