Making Transparency Your Brand


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Leonard Kim an award winning marketer and author is on the show today chatting with us about showing the real you, making your life transparent so that your biggest failures can’t be used against you. He believes that if you control your brand in a proactive way you won’t have to be reactive down the road. Plus you might inspire others who are going through the same struggles you did.

He went from being almost homeless, failing at every company he tried to build to the successful businessman he is today. He had to step back from his failures and see what choices he made that caused him so much heartache. That’s when he realized he had forgotten what he had been taught about putting others first, focus on serving first. He was so focused on himself and what he couldn’t do that he forgot about all the things he could do to help others.

Listen in as Leonard takes us through the journey to success and the roadblocks and milestones he had on the way to transparency and being true to himself.

Show Notes:

  • [03:05] Welcome to the show Leonard Kim!
  • [03:55] Leonard chats about the journey from almost being homeless to an award winning marketer and author.
  • [11:08] His book is about ditching the regrettable moments in your life.
  • [12:35] Should you tell the world about the skeletons in your past or do you just need to reflect on it?
  • [15:05] Things can’t be used against you if you are transparent about them, control your own narrative.
  • [16:18] He talks about the exposure resume - sharing the bad and the ugly of your life.
  • [18:07] We live fragmented lives in business, personal and social media.
  • [19:16] Sharing the good, the bad and our version of our ugly on social media will make us more cohesive as a person.
  • [22:10] Why should you be the lead of a brand called “me”?
  • [26:55] There are 5 different levels of exposure around brand transparency.
  • [29:13] Which of the 8 steps of the brand process does Leonard recommend?
  • [33:00] Your Bio needs to reflect the real you even if you look vulnerable.
  • [37:25] We all feel closer to someone who shares the same experiences as we do.
  • [40:25] Leonard's final thoughts and advice about how to be more vulnerable and transparent.
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