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A neurological scientist-turned-entrepreneur, Katie Poppe brings a unique perspective to the world of entrepreneurship. CEO and Founder of Blue Star Donuts, Katie’s gourmet donut shop has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, and the LA Times. Listen as Katie talks about the importance of “the virtual word on the street,” the use of psychology as an entrepreneur, and the concept of confidence versus competence. Tune in now!

Timestamps​: 03:45 - Neurological scientist to restaurant entrepreneur 05:50 - Making the most out of the blessings in life 06:30 - The start of the foodie revolution 07:34 - The foundation of Little Big Burger 08:45 - Everyone told me not to do it 10:20 - Success! Now what? 11:00 - What is Blue Star Donuts? 12:00 - Defining moments 13:00 - If Katie were a Blue Star Donut 14:02 - How to use psychology in business 15:00 - “People are psychology” 15:20 - “Focus on one thing and do it well” 19:18 - Cease and desist! 22:00 - Using digital marketing to grow your business 25:00 - “The virtual word on the street” 25:57 - The essence of customer service is like preschool 27:50 - Confidence vs competence 29:39 - Katie’s intro to EO 31:20 - Katie’s most inspirational book, The Entrepreneurial Myth

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