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Kim Malek, the founder of the ice cream sensation Salt & Straw, shares how it all began. Starting with just a single push cart, Salt & Straw has expanded from Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and all the way to Downtown Disney in Anaheim. Kim provides insight into the success of their brand and culture, starting with the importance of developing people who will develop and grow the business. Listen in as she shares the sacrifices she’s made and lessons she’s learned on her journey!

Timestamped Show notes:

01:20 - Kim’s Origin Story 02:48 - Kim explains the thinking behind Salt & Straw’s unique flavors 04:28 - What is “Farm to Cone?” 05:04 - Salt & Straw started in a push-cart 06:04 - The first store on Alberta Street 07:21 - Kim explains how Salt & Straw attracted media attention 08:28 - That was my idea! 09:28 - Kim explains how she cobbled together the money to start Salt & Straw 11:25 - Unforseen costs and surprises 12:04 - People x3, cashflow, and partnerships 12:41 - Kim shares the importance of developing people 15:10 - Kim talks about her co-founder, Tyler, and their shared values 16:34 - “An underlying level of chaos” 17:45 - What is a “people plan?” 18:42 - Growth also comes with growing pains 19:44 - Kim shares a story about a mother’s positive experience at Salt & Straw with her children 20:56 - “Happiness in a Cone” is Salt & Straw’s core value 21:40 - Kim believes that they’re able to change the world 22:04 - What’s “Magic in a Box?”

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