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From studying law and dance to successful entrepreneur, Debbie Goodman-Bhyat shows us why it's important to take risks. As CEO of Jack Hammer, Virtual Coaching Partners, and hiresmith, she understands how to be a successful entrepreneur. As a mother, entrepreneur, and CEO of a company halfway across the world, Debbie shows us how she manages it all. Listen in as she shows us the importance of saying yes, the importance of her joint study with Harvard, and also how to make the most out of the opportunities around you.

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02:58 - Dancer to entrepreneur 03:47 - Women in leadership 04:29 - Debbie talks about her collaboration study with Harvard 05:10 - Debbie on what holds women back in business 06:35 - She talks about what it's like having another entrepreneur as a significant other 08:05 - Debbie’s daily routine 08:29 - Why is it important to take risks? 08:53 - Sometimes, it’s good to just say “yes” to things 10:44 - You’ll figure it out, so just say yes! 11:52 - Taking the opportunities that are there


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