My Power is in My Wisdom and My Words | Sadie Lincoln


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Meet Sadie Lincoln, CEO of ​barre3​, a fitness company focused on teaching people how to be empowered and balanced from within themselves. Sadie has been featured on ​Inc.’s​ Female Founders 100 List and stresses the importance of mindfulness not only in exercise, but in business as well. Beginning her journey in a small, Culver City dance studio, Sadie shares the experiences that have helped her grow herself and barre3 into what they are today. Tune in now!

Timestamps​: 03:17 - Sadie’s Origin Story 04:25 - What is barre3? 05:45 - Opening up her first studio 06:25 - Sadie’s alternate plan to creating barre3 07:04 - Location, location, location 08:01 - Buildout blues 09:00 - Sadie’s start in the fitness world 10:45 - Being a good teacher 11:25 - Sadie’s spiritual path 12:30 - “You’re allowed to suck.” 13:16 - Sadie’s nurturing nature 13:53 - How did Sadie get on the path of being a CEO? 14:26 - Fitness is failing me 16:15 - What makes barre3 different? 17:00 - The essentials for growth 18:35 - Sadie’s Core Values 19:08 - Sadie’s EO Journey 20:02 - What is Forum? 20:42 - The importance of a support group 22:05 - Confidence 22:44 - Insecurity 23:15 - External measures vs internal measures 24:58 - Sadie’s day-to-day 25:57 - Next up for barre3 26:52 - “It started from just an idea.” 27:54 - “My power is in my wisdom and my words.” 28:23 - Keeping it real 29:13 - Sadie’s advice for female founders

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