The Ruby Ripple Effect | Jill Nelson


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From receptionist to award-winning entrepreneur, ​Ruby Receptionists​ founder Jill Nelson shares her amazing origin story. Jill explains how her time as a receptionist taught her the value of making connections and building trust with customers. Listen in as she shares how her focus on building a value and culture-focused company helped her grow exponentially. Tune in now!

Timestamped show notes 04:00 - Starting as a receptionist 05:10 - Landing on executive suites 06:13 - Where the name “Ruby Receptionists” came from 06:45 - “We weren’t making a task, we were making a connection.” 08:00 - Coming up with core values 08:45 - “If we’re going down, we’re going down swinging.” 09:33 - The importance of being there for customers 11:11 - Wow-worthy experiences 13:00 - Making a connection with the customer 14:20 - Starting from 2 people 14:51 - Feels like a different job every year 15:16 - Using technology not as a tool, but as an equal part of growth 16:25 - What is the Ruby Ripple Effect? 18:58 - Jill explains the value they provide to their customers 19:28 - Jill names some of her favorite awards she and her company has won 20:15 - What’s next for Jill?

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