Blockbuster Autopsy #7. Ghostbusters (2016)


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There’s something strange in the neighborhood and it’s a pointless reboot/remake of Ghostbusters, so who you gonna call? None other than Professor Joseph Ketchum and Dr. Tyler Pistorius to exorcise these demons from your beloved childhood. Support the podcast with 5 star ratings and positive reviews on Apple Podcasts, donate money at to get early access to episodes as well as bonus exclusive content, and tell your friends about us. We appreciate it! Email us: Check out the Word Salad Radioheads group on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow Joe on Letterboxd: Follow Tyler on Twitter: Follow Kristen Wiig on Twitter: Follow Melissa McCarthy on Twitter: Follow Kate McKinnon on Twitter: Follow Leslie Jones on Twitter: Follow Chris Hemsworth on Twitter: Intro: “ICFBT” by Lowjob Cover Art created by Joe Ketchum Episode edited by Joe Ketchum Other shows featured on Word Salad Radio: The Analrapists: Host and guest force each other to make weird analyses of different movies and defend their argument with evidence from the text. Blockbuster Autopsy: Highly qualified professionals diagnose the cause of death on some of the biggest budget movies and TV corpses around. Doc n Roll: An examination of documentary films. Fic/off: 2 writers are given 2 fictional characters to mashup into an original short story. Flux Capacitors: A show analyzing the time travel mechanics in various movies and TV shows. High Five: Host and guest compile top five lists that are related but don’t overlap. The List of Shame: One person tries to guess what a classic film they’ve never seen is about and then tries to convince the other person they were right after watching it for the first time. The Mooby Awards: An annual show where co-hosts rip apart a movie they agree is overrated. P.O. Box 963: Our hosts attempt to make contact with their lord and savior: 90’s Nickelodeon advertising icon Stick Stickly Quote Unquote Guilty: All about guilty pleasure movies, tv, scientific principles, etc. © 2016-2019 Joe Ketchum

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