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We interview Bill Gadless joint co-founder of emagine, one of the leading digital agencies on the East Coast.

Bill co-founded emagine with Brett Cohen at the dawn of the Web. Primarily focused on emagine’s sales and marketing strategy, Bill’s insights have appeared on various occasions in MarketingSherpa, dozens of industry sites and publications and on the national speaking circuit.Prior to emagine, he developed his marketing expertise while building a highly successful direct marketing venture. With a focus on emagine’s core industries and regional expansion, Bill has focused obsessively on building emagine’s brand within the B2B, High-Tech and Healthcare sectors.
Starting in the Boston region, Bill has successfully taken emagine from a regional player to a national leader in emagine’s target industries.



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Table of Contents for Episode 195

0:00 Podcast intros.

1:38 How did Bill and Brett first start emagine? How did they get their first clients?

9:36 How important is marketing and sales to the financial health of a web agency?

13:58 Why your portfolio is an important asset? How did emagine build their portfolio in early days?

17:55 Differentiating yourself as a small agency. How are agencies limiting your earning potential?

25:41 When it comes to a value conversation with a client, how do you determine what you bring to the table?

30:43 Having fear about picking a niche. Why making The Hard Decision is so important.

35:54 What are Bill's thoughts on inbound marketing? What are other forms of marketing that agencies should be looking at?

43:07 How sales cycles change as you move from smaller clients to larger clients. What factors go into buying decisions in larger organizations?

47:40 What are challenges you might face with solvency as your agency grows? How do you manage cash flow?

51:50 What do you look for at emagine when hiring talent? What things are most important when hiring?

56:46 Podcast outros.


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