Episode 22 - 17 Things About The USA: Critique of Benny Lewis' Article


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We changed up this week's podcast just a bit! A few weeks ago, Matt and I discovered an intriguing and unique article posted on Business Insider. The original article, titled "17 Cultural Clashes this European has in America" but also more famously called "I'm Irish and I spent a year traveling the US-- here are the 17 things that surprised me about day to day life," had gotten an insane amount of publicity-- and it's really no wonder why. The Irish author, Benny Lewis, who is known for his website on helping people become fluent in a new language in just three months, had traveled and lived in the US, noticing a lot of things about the country, then wrote an article, focusing on 17 grievances he had with the country/overall culture.

After reading this article, Matt and I found a lot of things that we completely agreed with and some things we didn't particularly agree with. We've been traveling the world for four years now and have also discovered a lot of things we never noticed before about our own country. In this unique podcast episode, we critiqued this infamous article and added a little bit of our own opinions into the mix! We talked about:

  1. Americans are way too sensitive
  2. Everything is "awesome"!
  3. Smiles mean NOTHING
  4. Tipping
  5. False prices on everything
  6. Cheesy in-your-face marketing
  7. Wasteful consumerism
  8. American stereotypes of other countries
  9. Heritage
  10. ID checks & stupid drinking laws
  11. Religious Americans
  12. Corporations win all the time, not small businesses
  13. A country designed for cars, not humans
  14. Always in a hurry
  15. Obsession with money
  16. Unhealthy portions
  17. Thinking America is the best

We also talked about:

  • Our agreements and disagreements with these points
  • Our own personal experiences abroad and in America
  • What we thought about the positives he found in America
  • What we wish more Americans would do more often

Thank you for reading/listening! If you'd like to see our blog post on this along with some pictures and more information, check it our here! Cheers!

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