Episode 34 - Remembering Anthony Bourdain


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On June 8th, 2018, Anthony Bourdain tragically passed away. Bourdain was a celebrity chef who hosted multiple travel shows centered around international cuisine, culture, and people. He inspired thousands of people across the globe with his storytelling, outlook on life, and adventures.

Like thousands of others, we were deeply affected and devastated by the loss of Bourdain. He was one of the key reasons we started traveling and even experienced numerous things while traveling.

Because of his recent and devastating loss, we felt we'd create an episode dedicated to who he was and what he meant to us. In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Anthony Bourdain first became famous
  • What his four (that's right: four) travel TV shows were
  • How Bourdain tied into the beginning of our nomadic lifestyle and still does to this day
  • Why exactly his passing hit us hard
  • Various episodes that inspired us to experience what Bourdain did, like:
  • Eating at a ritzy tiki-bar/restaurant in San Francisco
  • Drinking heavily, eating all of the barbecue, and singing karaoke in South Korea
  • Experiencing a baseball game in Osaka, Japan, which was one of the highlights of our time there

And plenty, plenty more.

Thank you all for listening to this episode. If you'd like to see our blog post about this with pictures and more info, check it out here.

How did Anthony Bourdain impact your life?

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Rest peacefully, Tony.

Wine: Unknown Winery (Literally couldn't read it) - Frankovka (Czech Republic)

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