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Cheryl Najafi is a NYT best selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. In 2010 she founded the leading food recipe website, EverydayDishes.com. In 2018 Najafi founded The Cause Collection, a socially responsible online clothing company that supports nonprofits who fight for tolerance, humanitarianism and social justice. As a part of the shopping process, every customer is encouraged to use their purchasing power to advocate for the cause of their choosing. In addition to funds contributed from the customer's purchasing power, The Cause Collection also makes quarterly contributions straight from its working capital to directly support its nonprofit partners. As a company, supporting these causes is rooted in their culture. The mission and actions of The Cause Collection (and its community) show they put their money where their heart is.


Jackie Gutierrez brings experience as an entrepreneur and active volunteer to The Cause Collection. Her career has included founding and leading start-up enterprises, designing go-to-market strategies, e-commerce website design, product design and manufacturing. Becoming CEO of the social enterprise represented the quintessential hybrid of her experience in fashion, digital and serving marginalized communities. Jackie and Cheryl are motivated by challenging the typical business model by using fashion as a fundraising tool and rigorously testing their product design to satisfy a variety of women’s body types.

In her spare time, Jackie is busy raising her 8-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son with the support of her husband in the desert of Arizona.


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