#63 Real Talk #2 REPOST l Stop Saying You Don't Have Time


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What's up guys?! As we wrap up month one of 2019, it's time to sit back and reflect on if we've been acting on our goals. I decided to repost one of my favorite Real Talk episodes because I think this episode is super relevant to many people especially as we head into 2019. The reality is: You don't have time, you make time. If you don't make time to work towards your goals then you will fail. It's harsh but it's as simple as that. What do you think of the solo rants? Do you like them? Leave me a feedback on the Apple Podcast app reviews and let me know!! Repost Info: I believe it was winter of 2017 when I watched this Ted Talk by Laura Vanderkam called How to Gain Control of Your Free Time. I was sitting in my room with no internship lined up for that summer. Then it hit me.. I was creating this false narrative that I didn't have enough time to look for a job not because I was actually too busy but because deep down it was not a priority. When you say I don't have time for x. What you really mean is I don't prioritize x. The second you accept what you value and how that aligns with your time management is the moment you take control over your time. As I sit here at 12:15 AM writing these show notes, I am awake because this podcast is a priority to me. Send this podcast to someone who may be struggling to find time in their day! Watch this Ted Talk, it changed my life:www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3kNlFMXslo 🎙Listen to the podcast version- Spotify Link- bit.ly/workinprogresspod Apple Podcast Link- bit.ly/wippodcastapple 🎙 ⚡️ Connect with me linkedin.com/in/tiffanyparra/ ⚡️Follow me on IG: @tiffanyparra_ ⚡️$upport the podcast: www.patreon.com/work_in_progress ⚡️Join my community for podcasters: bit.ly/LIpodcasts ⚡️Want to know what gear I use to produce the podcast?kit.com/TiffanyParra ⚡️Tune in next Wednesday January 3th at 6:30 PM PST or 9:30 PM EST for another Real Talk Instagram livestream⚡️ 💎PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW IF YOU ENJOY THIS PODCAST IT REALLY HELPS SUPPORT THE SHOW! OK, THANKS FOR LISTENING - PEACE, TIFFANY💎 --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/work-in-progress/support

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