Finding Your Focus with DGK Sponsored Skateboarder Ricky Chavez


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As my skateboard laid on the edge of the cement half-pipe, I had one thought, “This will be the last attempt, I’m going to land it this time.” The next thing I knew I was lifting my face from the ground and there was blood everywhere. My failed attempt at dropping in at the skatepark cost me $700 in medical expenses and 4 stitches under my chin. Skateboarding is arguably one of the most brutal sports. It takes a certain level of grit to hop back on a skateboard after falling time and time again. So what is grit? Grit is defined as an individual’s perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a particular long-term goal. No one know’s Grit better than the latest guest on the Work in Progress podcast, Ricky Chavez. Ricky is a 25 year old sponsored skateboarder whose been working on his craft for over 14 years. Day in and day out, he’s showcasing his progression and determination to becoming pro. YOUTUBE VERSION: 🙏🏽 Please donate to the fundraiser for Malik 🔥🔥Follow Ricky on Instagram: @rickychavezz🔥🔥 ⚡️ Connect with me: ⚡️Follow me on IG: @tiffanyparra_ ⚡️$upport the podcast: ⚡️Join my community for podcasters: ⚡️Want to know what gear I use to produce the podcast? ⚡️Tune in next Thursday Nov 22 at 9 PM PST for another Real Talk livestream.⚡️ --- Support this podcast:

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