How To Slide in the DMs of Your Favorite Influencers, Artists, and Celebrities


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People ask me all the time how I find and reach out to my guests?

Two Words: Direct Messenger

Instagram DMs has completely changed the way we communicate especially in the past 5 years.

With over a billion users, there's a good chance your favorite artist, celebrity, or athlete has access to their Instagram account and direct messages.

Rather than having to search for their email, you find them on Instagram and send them a message.

People have never been more connected than we are right now and it's because of the tools of social media platforms. Direct Messenger is in my opinion such an undervalued tool.

Yeah so this all sounds super easy but what if they don't answer?

Try again...

And again.

These people are getting hit up all the time so you need to test your messaging to try and find something that cuts through the noise.

Practice makes perfect ;) so send those first 5 DMs today! And while you're at it - send me one: tiffanyparra_

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