Real Talk #10 l Personal Branding with 17 Year Old Entrepreneur and YouTuber Jade Darmawangsa


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With the rise of technology, social media has proven to be a dominating force in recent years. The ability to amplify your thoughts and perspective to the internet at this scale has never been done until now. Some of us passively use Instagram to stay connected with friends and family. Others have built entire businesses off the platform. Jade Darmawangsa started her first Youtube channel at the age of 9. At 16, she dropped out of high school to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. Jade currently helps individuals and e-commerce brands step up their online digital marketing strategies. She's also the leader of her loyal fanbase called #DarmaNation. Jade has a knack for storytelling and building brands across platforms. In 2018, she was awarded YouTuber Creator on the Rise and has grown her channel to over 100K subscribers. For Real Talk #10 Jade and I talked about the following topics: ⚡️Introduction of Who You Are How You Got Your Start on Social Media ⚡️The Evolution of Social media Throughout the Past 8 years of Being on It ⚡️Choosing the Right Influencers When Starting an Online Brand ⚡️Gary Vee's influence on You and Our Generation as a Whole ⚡️Imposter Syndrome- Have You Dealt With It? ⚡️ Audience Questions If There's Time 🔥🔥 Jade's Info:🔥🔥 ⚡️ Connect with me: ⚡️Follow me on IG: @tiffanyparra_ ⚡️$upport the podcast: ⚡️Join my community for podcasters: ⚡️Want to know what gear I use to produce the podcast? ⚡️Tune in next Wednesday December 12th at 6 PM PST or 9 PM EST for another Real Talk livestream⚡️ --- Support this podcast:

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