Season 3 Teaser + Life Update with Tiffany Parra


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Hello wonderful podcast listeners! I'm so happy to be back and creating content on a regular basis for all of you. I felt like this mini snippet was necessary as I feel a close connection with all my listeners.

New schedule for podcasts:

Week One:

Work in Progress sit down interviews + videos drop on Monday morning! I will be interviewing the most interesting people in fashion, business, tech, production, and more!

Week Two:

Real Talk livestream interviews on Instagram live featuring a new guest every other week on Tuesday at 8:30 PM PST or 11:30 EST. You can hop in to ask questions and interact with the guest and myself. Episodes uploaded in podcast format on Fridays.

I'll also occasionally do solo podcasts but those won't be as structured and will be uploaded on a free-form schedule.

Can't wait to share this season's guests with everyone!

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