The Business of Music with Videographer Yoshi Tabata


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Welcome to episode 51 of the Work in Progress podcast Yoshi Tabata grew up with both his parents being deaf. This played into his love for music and he found music as the outlet to express himself. At only 15 years old, Yoshi dropped out of high school and moved out of his parents house to pursue his dream of making it in the music industry. Yoshi went from being a rapper to working at Google AdWords to music management to now working as a full-time videographer. Yoshi was never afraid to make the next big step whether that was a career switch or moving to an entirely new state. He always embraced his next step and never second guessed himself. 🔑 Big Takeaway from this episode: Follow the momentum of life. Trust your gut and don’t second guess those big life choices. Life is continuous progress and with progress comes change 🔑 🔥🔥 Yoshi’s info: All Social Media @YOUKNOWYOSHI🔥🔥 ⚡️ Connect with me: ⚡️Follow me on IG: @tiffanyparra_ ⚡️$upport the podcast: ⚡️Join my community for podcasters: ⚡️Want to know what gear I use to produce the podcast? ⚡️Tune in next Wednesday December 12th at 6:30 PM PST or 9:30 PM EST for another Real Talk livestream⚡️ --- Support this podcast:

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