The Robots are Coming! JK, LOL


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Monica Lewis is Head of Product for LinkedIn Jobs, and today, we’re talking about what it’s like working for an organization that plays a pivotal role in the HR environment, recruiting, connection, and community. We also talk about how to handle what’s coming in the future - specifically, artificial intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence and the Future
The robots ARE coming, but they’re coming in a good way. Automation and AI is often equated with disappearing jobs, but research has shown that it will actually lead to MORE jobs. How is that possible while keeping workplaces more human? Monica points out how automation is taking the repetitive, soul-sucking tasks off people’s plates, which means that abstract thinking and more ‘human’ tasks are set to increase. In other words, artificial intelligence will clear the way for employees to use uniquely human skills to help themselves and their organizations succeed.
Should Recruiters be Worried About AI?
There’s a significant portion of the HR community who worry that the advent of AI is going to threaten their jobs. It’s not true, according to Monica. Consider how much time you spend on scheduling. If that were automated, then you could spend more time focusing on hiring the right candidate rather than the tasks surrounding that main goal. In effect your job becomes easier and more closely aligned with what you love: connecting with people.
In addition to that, having a more efficient recruitment process changes the candidate experience. When candidates have a great experience during the recruitment process, you’re more likely to be able to hire the best talent for the position.
The AI component comes in with personalization. Monica talks about how LinkedIn Jobs creates a customized experience for every candidate. For example, an engineer is looking for different things than a marketing professional, and if you can provide relevant information to the candidate from the very beginning, their experience with your company is immediately positive.
Artificial intelligence isn’t the only consideration for the future. There’s also automation, which can help your team be more efficient and productive, and you don’t need AI for that.
The Connection with Purpose
Monica shares why she does what she does at LinkedIn. It comes down to a strong connection with her personal purpose, a growing trend with people who are looking for more meaningful work. She’s really excited about solving the problems around work, specifically the qualitative and quantitative issues that arise. Think about it: we spend 40 or more hours a week in a building with other employees. Monica wants to answer the question: How do we make it a good experience?
Where is WorkHuman Going?
With the openness and curiosity of the people in the group, Monica feels a lot of hope for the future of work. She reminds us to think first about the community and how we can learn from, grow with, and help each other, especially with the big changes technology is bringing to the workforce.
LinkedIn Features You Should Be Using
When you have some spare time, Monica share some LinkedIn features you might not know about or haven’t started using yet. First, connect with others to whom you can add value. You never know where the next opportunity will be. Second, provide enough information on your profile to help yourself be found by others who want to connect with you. Finally, if you're looking for a job, LinkedIn has tens of thousands of jobs listed. The best part of that is you can see who in your network is connected with the places you’re interested in applying, which means you can get meaningful referrals.
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