WCA #335 with Dan Alexander - Vintage Recording Gear, Guitars, Radical Parents, Bill Putnam, and The Drain of The Studio Business


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My guest today is engineer, former studio owner, author, and vintage gear dealer, Dan Alexander.

Dan was a fixture of the Bay Area recording scene in San Francisco for many years. He ran the same studio space I did, the former Coast Recorders building on Mission Street in San Francisco as well as Coast on Harrison. He’s spent many years of his life buying and selling vintage guitars and vintage recording equipment which we will talk about. He’s got a new book out called “Dan Alexander Audio: A Vintage Odyssey" He talk s to us from his home in Los Angeles.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Radical Parents
  • House UnAmerican Activities Committee
  • The Rockets
  • Eddie Money
  • Bay Area Music
  • Selling Guitars
  • Grocery Store Studio
  • Vintage Recording Gear
  • Wheeling and Dealing
  • Hyde Street Studios
  • Coast Recorders
  • Coast on Harrison
  • Bill Putnam
  • The Drain of The Studio Business
  • Getting Evicted
  • Divorce
  • Rising Gear Prices
  • Gear Clones

Matt's Rant: Getting out of the Chair!

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  • Guest: Dan Alexander
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