Episode 101: Paging Dr Gump


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You survived the 100th Episode Spectacular and you’re back for more garbage. We commend you. This week we find out that Josh is great at bitching about first world problems. DENTISTS ARE OUT THERE STRUGGLING, JOSH….AND YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT AIRLINE DELAYS. Get it together, son. How much is a photo op with Anissa Holmes worth? Lance might pay $100. Josh would easily drop $10,000 for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Who would you rather have a photo with…Anissa Holmes or Donald Trump. At us on social to let us know. We would love to hear the results of this poll.

Advice this week starts off with Forrest Gump asking if he can be a dentist. Sure. Why not? Become an orthodontist. They don’t do shit anyway.

How do you handle a perforated sinus? Turns out Josh and Lance do it differently. Should you tell the patient?

Was dental school a bitch for you? Yeah, us too. A dental student writes in having some doubts. Turns out he’s going to be alright, alright, alright.

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