Episode 102: Fireball Scope with Toothlife Irene


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How can Josh and Lance raise their collective looks average from a 5? Add a 10, of course! The lovely ”Toothlife”Irene Iancu joins the show to talk about rose gold tooth jewelry and Canadian snack foods. Are ketchup chips good? Somewhat. Is there a better mixer for alcohol than clams? Obviously not.

Advice this week starts with a question about home made mouthwash. What would Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull do?

Sometimes the unthinkable happens, like you use another rando’s toothbrush. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO? We recommend burning the house down.Finally, a rare form of gum disease leaves Irene, Lance and Josh wondering....is ANUG afoot. Better curse in Romanian just to be safe.Stay fresh cheese bags.

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