Episode 103: Stanley Malamed: Thirst Trap


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The boys are back in town! Josh opens the show with a story about adults being adults in the dental speaker world. Does Stanley Malamed have an Instagram? Does he use filters? Gotta love all those Stanley Malamed selfies. Advice this week starts with a question about a carnivorous tooth. Are your teeth carnivorous or are they herbivorous? What do you do when your lab runs out of porcelain? How about a happy little landing strip of metal? What is the worst take out food? Crab legs probably….also the worst food to bite with your implant. Who is a bigger sex toy expert than Tim Ferris? No one!!!! Find out what one of his favorites is! Hopefully it’s waterproof!Download. Subscribe. Rate. Review. Share. WE LOVE YOU, CHEESE BAGS!

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