Episode 73: Diagnosing Dikembe


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Lance and Josh are back at it, refreshed and recharged after a pious, religious and spiritual Easter Holiday. In that vein, the show opens with a frank and open discussion about Arya Stark’s boobs and lady bits. What Thrones character do you least want to see naked. Josh is REALLY into WunWun the giant. M Advice this week starts with a dentist who doesn’t know how to decorate his office. Lance and Josh talk about the garbage that adorns their walls and give suggestions to Kurt. Josh lands on a NUGGET of great advice for his bare wall issues.

Reddit this week is about kids and brushing. Lance talks about his experience tying his children down with zip ties to brush their teeth. Father of the year over here. Also, don’t be a dick and spoil Avengers: End Game for anyone. That’s just a shitty thing to do.

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