Episode 83: Conspiracy Theories, Gay Frogs and Reddit Diatribes


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Happy Pride and Happy 4th of July from Working Interferences. This week we are joined by a special guest…Tay Gavin Harvey of Anaxdent. Tay talks about what her company does, how you actually say the name and how hip hop launched it. We have three Reddits this week, all of them are insane. Advice this week starts with a…diatribe? Manifesto? Tirade? Harangue? You tell us. No matter what word you use, its bonkers. Don’t forget to like, favorite and subscribe to his madness. The second Reddit tonight is even crazier. Are you the chosen dentist that is to be born? Our third Reddit tonight is somewhat more sane. How many times does it take you to make a decent occlusal splint? Hopefully less than this guy. Now go shoot some damn fireworks, people Principles of Practice Management Summit: https://endeavor.swoogo.com/deppm19 Tay's hip hop videos: https://youtu.be/LQhV5K4pzuo https://youtu.be/ourXDcX1Voo

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