Episode 90: Gaslighting Karen


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Josh and Lance check in for episode 90 this week. 90 hours of this garbage?!?! 90! Josh opens the show admitting how he recently needed out on a, well, “minor celebrity.” Lance then wonders how other businesses are actually able to make any profit. Advice starts this week with a question about how to get a veteran hygienist to finally retire. Can Brett Favre help us again? No, probably not. Find out how in the world Josh thinks its a good idea to hire someone to car jack his hygienist. Question two sends Josh off into a Goose-style tailspin. He hit his head while ejecting and is now dead in the Indian Ocean. Thats how bad this question screwed Josh up. MORSE CODE TIME. Reddit this week is about spicy tooth paste. Colgate Carolina Reaper, anyone?

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