Episode 97: Yogi Berra’s Fromunda Cheese


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The WI Boyz drop a new segment this week...The Hottest Take, where one of the hosts fires off a controversial opinion and then makes their case. This week, one meal of the day is bullshit. Which one? You have a 1 in 3 chance of getting it right, 25% if you love Taco Bell.

Advice starts with a question about patients selling crap to dental offices. Need a candle? No?? Shut up and buy one anyway. What’s the best Yankee Candle Scent anyway? We think it’s Jamaican Lace Cheekies, but that’s just us.Have you heard the good news about dental research? Well, hear it here first. A video gamer has all the dirty details you need to put us out of businessDon’t be a Wailin’ Jenny..rate and review. 5 Stars!!!

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