Could we all work a four day week?


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After Microsoft in Japan offered workers a four-day week we ask if the idea could spread. Ffyona Dawber is chief executive of Synergy Vision, and explains why her business has introduced a four-day work week. Lord Robert Skidelsky is an economic historian who discusses how we used to work significantly longer hours each week in the past. Ryan Carson is founder of TreeHouse, which helps companies hire and train tech talent, and tells us why his firm which was founded with a four-day work week decided to move away from the idea. And we hear from the deputy mayor of Gothenburg in Sweden, Daniel Bernmar, why an experimental shorter work day there was not implemented at the end of a trial. Also in the programme, last month an American Airlines plane was diverted, after a noxious smell in the cabin caused two flight attendants to pass out. At the time, the airline claimed it was spilled cleaning fluid that caused the smell, but as our transport correspondent Tom Burridge explains, documents seen by the BBC now cast doubt on that claim. Plus Bosun Tijani, founder and chief executive of CcHub in Lagos, Nigeria, discusses how tech hubs could transform Africa's economic potential.

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