Saudi Aramco flotation values oil giant at $1.7tn


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The company has published an updated prospectus for its initial public offering, seeking more than $25bn for the sale of 1.5% of its shares. We hear from Julian Lee, the oil strategist at financial data service Bloomberg. Trade unions have threatened to shut down the entire aviation industry in South Africa, after a strike grounded the airline SAA, for two days. Alan Peaford, editor in chief of African Aerospace, tells us more. The battle to stop the trade in blood diamonds led to the establishment of the Kimberley Process, a body that monitors gem sourcing. Next year Russia takes over as the body's chair and wants to lift the ban on selling diamonds from the Central African Republic. We hear from Sebastian Pennes, a diamond expert at Levin Sources. Two ominous patterns of trading have emerged at the Nasdaq technology-led financial market in the US; the Titanic Syndrome has signaled every crash since 1987 and the Hindenberg Omen has been viewed as a signal to sell since the 1960's. So it is time to worry? Peter Jankovskis from Oakbrook Investments isn't so sure. This week as Dallas marks the anniversary of the death of John F Kennedy, the city is expecting an influx of visitors and a boost to the city's economy. We speak to Nicola Longford, Chief Executive of the Sixth Floor Museum, which is in the building from where the fatal shots were fired.

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