Vaping comes under pressure


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With multiple countries banning electronic cigarettes, we examine the causes for concern. The BBC's Jagdip Cheema reports on the impact in Mumbai, as India becomes the latest country to introduce restrictions. Shane McGill of market research firm Euromonitor tells us some consumers are reverting to traditional cigarettes as vaping comes under pressure. And Dr Laura Crotty Alexander of the University of California San Diego discusses her research into the health effects of e-cigarettes. Also in the programme, it's reported that wealthy families in Saudi Arabia are being pressured by the government there to become cornerstone investors in the upcoming flotation of oil giant Saudi Aramco. David Shepherd of the Financial Times brings us up to speed. Plus as India unveils a cut in corporate taxes from 30 to 22 per cent, Shakun Sethi of the women's lifestyle website Tickle Life tells us what sort of impact it is likely to have on business. (Picture: A person using an e-cigarette. Picture credit: Getty Images.)

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