Pete Townshend On Creativity, 'The Age Of Anxiety' And The Who's New Record


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Pete Townshend: Not only is he the major creative force behind The Who, but he's also released several of his own solo records, prompted the first-known use of the term "rock opera" (for 1969's 'Tommy') and he's even credited with being the first person to smash a guitar on stage. But one thing Townshend had never done until now is write a novel. Earlier this month, he published "The Age of Anxiety". There are plans to turn it into an "opera art installation," which he says will be his last major solo work. He is also releasing a new album with The Who, called 'WHO', which is out Dec. 6. In this session, you'll hear some of the new music from that album. We'll talk about his debut novel, his realization two years ago that his famed rock opera 'Tommy' was actually about him, and his stance on all of the court cases concerning artist copyright issues.

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