Episode 251 The Undercroft Q&A


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Today's Topic – Many topics one episode

So we have done several episodes recently about individual questions from members of the undercroft. This episode will cover several questions that I did not think I could talk about for an entire episode. So other thanks must go out to our Facebook Undercroft Group.

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Podcast Show Flow
  • Lee How to design a high magic world without creating "magic superheroes."
  • Evan and Robert - influences by other author’s work and concerns about being too similar 1) similarity with other’s works, 2) use of ordinary fantasy terms/beings(i.e., elves, orcs, dwarves) and their characteristics 3) “influence/homage” versus “plagiarism/copycat” in one’s work.
  • Does seeing similar ideas (constructs, characters, deities, cultures, etc.) paralleled in separate worlds bother you?
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