Episode 268 Brainstorming video game content


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Today's Topic Brainstorming extras content in a single player indie RPG video game

So looking to start a new project in my world. Michael and I start brainstorming video game content, a wishlist, for a secondary battle and diplomacy system for a single-player JRPG style. This is all designed to keep Jeff engages since his driveway took out his editing budget for his book.

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Podcast Show flow
  • Creating a solo JRPG style game in RPGMaker MV
  • Brainstorming wishlist for the system to complement traditional battles.
  • Background for the setting
  • War
  • Diplomacy
  • Battles
  • Domain
Worldbuilding Task

Look at your plans, do you have the skills to achieve everything

Real world task

Join the Facebook undercroft group and tell me what I should call myself!

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