Episode 272 4 “S”s for Creating Better Encounters plus a 5th for DMs


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Today's Topic 4 ideas to create better side scenes

As a game master, I call them random encounters. I call them a side scene in writing. They are the scenes add do not add to the plot of the story. Join Michael and Jeff as they talk about the 4 “S”s for Creating Better Encounters plus a 5th for DMs.

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Podcast Show flow
  • A non-essential plot scenes for the plot
    • In Games
  • Track them
4 “S”s for Creating Better Spice - Add variety to a story
  • Spice
  • Surprises - Easter Eggs
  • Strengthening – Leads into side plots or red herring
  • Setbacks – Should set the story back
  • For Game Masters and Dungeon Masters
    • Semi-Random encounters
    • When, Where, Why
Worldbuilding Task

Start tracking your encounters

Real world task

Bank some good will. Pick one area of your home and spring clean it.

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